I'm Christie, a thirty something year old chocoholic who loves travelling, food, music and did I say food? Because food. 

Photographing people is my JAM. I love it! I love capturing your stories, everything that makes your life what is. Cementing beautiful moments of your journey through time, your love stories, your growing bump, your new family, your animals. Anything that makes you YOU.

I've been told time and time again that working with me is FUN, I leave weddings feeling like I've made new friends! It's about hanging out, enjoying those fleeting moments and exploring new and beautiful things. 

I have been a photographer since I was 5 years old. Seriously. My first camera was one of those disposable ones and I LOVED it. I walked around taking photos of all sorts of things, my family playing games, my baby brother giggling, the grass. And to be honest, my style hasn't changed much since then! I'm still a ninja with a camera, capturing all those beautiful small things that most people wouldn't even notice. 

I am incredibly passionate about what I do, I give my clients 150% of myself. I will guide you along the way and am always willing to help, no question is a silly question. I take so much pride in my work, in your story and our creation together. Nothing is too much trouble and if you have me there on your wedding day, you will soon learn I do a lot more than taking photos (ask me about the oh-shit kit).

I'm looking forward to having a laugh with you, lets do coffee and chat about your vision - I would love to hear all about it!