SO you have a question..


Ask Away...

1. Are you qualified?
I have a Diploma and a Certificate. But personally, my greatest learning experience has been the many weddings I have done. I have been working in the photographic industry for almost 8 years.

2. Do you backup your work?
I sure do, in a few different ways because you know technology - always playing games.

3. What is your style?
If I were a pizza, one half of the pizza would be flavoured documentary and the other contemporary. Chilli Prawn and Hawaiian. I mainly have a beautiful documentary style! Sweet candid shots and capturing your day as it naturally plays out. I generally like being as invisible as possible. I'm a ninja in a dress (sometimes heels even). However when we get down to the nitty gritty stuff (the bridal shoot) I do like to give a little direction. I'll just place you somewhere pretty and let the feels happen. 

4. Do you have a second shooter?
If you want one, then yes I have one hiding somewhere..

5. Do you have backup equipment?
Hell yes!

6. Will you meet up with us?
I sure will, as many times as you need! Lets do coffee, or food, or both. I do love food. Skype is great too! I have lots of overseas couples who meet me with me this way. 

7. Are you ok with "quirky" or "something a little different"
More than okay, trust me, weird is good.

8. Do you do engagement shoots?
Yes! Most of my packages include a complimentary engagement shoot. This way you can get used to my weirdness before the wedding day. Kidding! It's so you can get used to the camera and in return I will supply you with a gorgeous selection of you and your loved one being all cute. 

9. Will you travel and charge the earth for such things?
Yes. I will travel. And I will do it on the cheap. As long as I have a bed, heater (in the winter) and a hot shower in the morning, I'm good. If I have to fly I will do that cheap too. Grabaseat kids, check it out. z


10. Where are you based?
I have made a nest in Manawatu, however I spend a lot of time in the Naki also as I have another nest there. But like I said, I'll go where the wind takes me.

If that answered you question, great! If not, use the 'Contact' form and send me a message. No question is a stupid question!