Natalie and Christie

Wolf Paw and Daisy is a professional photography business devoted to Love and Weddings. We are based in Taranaki however we do have packages available to include travel to whichever location you desire. Please give us a call as we would love to hear about your vision for your special day and style our amazing packages to meet your requirements.


About Christie and Natalie 

Christie and Natalie are qualified photographers, graduating in 2013. Natalie is trained and experienced in videography and has an extensive portfolio of weddings throughout the Taranaki Region. She has gained three separate photography qualifications a Diploma in Digital Photography through the Southern Institute of Technology, a  Diploma in Professional Photography through the Photography Institute and a Certificate in Photography through the Western Institute of Technology. Christie gained her Certificate in Photography through the Western Institute of Technology, she has worked as a second shooter for other well known photographers in Taranaki and has well over 200 various photo shoots under her belt!